Bridging the Gap


Across from me sits a Muslim woman.


I have invited her into my home because she is the mother of my son’s friend.  We need to fill the time while our children play together.


I offer her a glass of water and she accepts.


She and I sit, and at first the conversation is strained and revolves around small talk



…but then there is a shift.



We start to trust one another and open up.



THIS is where religion and politics and scary media tactics cease and friendship begins.


I realize as it is happening that this is the most intellectual conversation I have had in a long time and how much I enjoy talking to her.


We are so much alike, despite the huge divide that has been programmed into us that we need to fear the many for the few.


I find that as the conversation progresses, though I do not know her well and we have only just met, I will already miss this friendship if it does not continue.





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